Allan’s Illustrated Edition of Tyneside Songs and Readings

Thomas Allan

United Kingdom

English (Geordie dialect)

Thomas Allan

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approx. 600 pages

Allan’s Illustrated Edition of Tyneside Songs and Readings is a book of Tyneside popular and traditional songs consisting of approximately 400 song lyrics on over 600 pages, published in 1891. It was reprinted in 1972 by Frank Graham, Newcastle upon Tyne, with an introduction by David Harker.


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Publication of Tyneside Songs[edit]
In 1862 Thomas Allan published the first book in this series, which was called “Tyneside songs”. The first edition was very small and covered mainly songs of Edward “Ned” Corvan and George “Geordie” Ridley.
Over the years he developed the book, adding to it, until eventually it became an extremely large volume with almost 600 pages and contained 400 songs. The name was changed to Allan’s Tyneside Songs, and the contents increased to cover not just the songs but details and histories of them, their writers and singers. As it developed the theme changed from one of solely popular songs to encompass many older traditional songs, aiming to spread the popularity of the book to a wider audience. It is now an invaluable source of historical reference providing wealth of information.
The second edition followed in the following year of 1863.
1864 saw the third edition now entitled “A choice collection of Tyneside songs by E. Corvan, G. Ridley, J.P. Robson, R Emery … etc.”.
1872, a further edition was published.
The edition of 1873 was called “A choice collection of Tyneside songs by Wilson, Corvan, Mitford, Gilchrist, Robson, Harrison, Emery, Ridley, Oliver, Shield, &c,. &c., &c. with lives of the authors illustrated with views of the town and portraits of the poets and eccentrics of Newcastle.” It was published by Allan, 62 Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne: & 16 Collingwood Street, North Shields. (“Ralph Allan, Tyne Street, Newcastle upon Tyne” was also mentioned on the cover, possibly as a seller)[1]
The final edition was published in 1891 and was now called “Allan’s illustrative edition of Tyneside Songs and readings with lives, portraits and autographs of the writers and notes on the songs. Revised edition.” The publisher was Thomas & George Allan, 1