The Dance Goes On

Directed by
William Dieterle

Produced by
Henry Blanke

Written by
George Kibbe Turner
Heinrich Fraenkel

William Dieterle
Lissy Arna
Anton Pointner

Music by
Erno Rapee

Sidney Hickox


Warner Brothers

Distributed by
Warner Brothers

Release date

3 November 1930

Running time

80 minutes

United States


The Dance Goes On (German: Der Tanz geht weiter) is a 1930 American crime film directed by William Dieterle and starring Dieterle, Lissy Arna and Anton Pointner. It was made by Warner Brothers as the German-language version of their film Those Who Dance.[1]


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William Dieterle as Fred Hogan
Lissy Arna as Elly
Anton Pointner as Joe
Carla Bartheel as Kitty, Joes Freundin
Werner Klingler as Tim, Ellys Bruder
John Reinhardt as Pat Hogan
Philipp Lothar Mayring as Benson


^ Reimer & Reimer p.82


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