Allan’s Illustrated Edition of Tyneside Songs and Readings

Allan’s Illustrated Edition of Tyneside Songs and Readings Author Thomas Allan Country United Kingdom Language English (Geordie dialect) Publisher Thomas […]

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The Girl and the Millionaire

The Girl and the Millionaire Directed by Ebbe Langberg Produced by Dirch Passer Henrik Sandberg Palle Schnedler-Sørensen Written by Peer […]

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Meletmez, Karataş

Meletmez Village Meletmez Location in Turkey Coordinates: 36°43′N 35°13′E / 36.717°N 35.217°E / 36.717; 35.217Coordinates: 36°43′N 35°13′E / 36.717°N 35.217°E […]

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The Dance Goes On

The Dance Goes On Directed by William Dieterle Produced by Henry Blanke Written by George Kibbe Turner Heinrich Fraenkel Starring […]

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Jam (title)

For namesakes see Jam (disambiguation) Jam is a native title of rulers of few princely states, notably born in western […]

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Hollywood Heritage Museum

Hollywood Heritage Museum Established 1985 Location 2100 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, California Type Heritage centre Website The Hollywood Heritage […]

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Kissui (vodka)

Kissui Type Vodka Manufacturer Takara Shuzo Country of origin Japan Introduced 2006 in United States Alcohol by volume 40.0% Proof […]

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Long Duration Exposure Facility

This article contains orbital elements but does not include an epoch, or date when those elements, which typically vary over […]

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Mikhail Zasulich

Mikhail Ivanovich Zasulich General Mikhail Ivanovich Zasulich Native name Михаи́л Ива́нович Засу́лич Born (1843-12-24)24 December 1843 Died 1910 Allegiance  Russian […]

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Flashbulb memory

For the form of read-only computer memory, see Flash memory. A flashbulb memory is a highly detailed, exceptionally vivid ‘snapshot’ […]

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